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Just thought I’d share this poem, which I always find very inspiring for anyone who are finding strength to continue walking bravely in this world. I always read it when I’m at crossroads, and may you will be inspired as I am as well.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley


Read and Write

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Haven’t been writing much.

Maybe I need to start to visit this site again, to fill my ramblings here, to express my unimportant thoughts here.

Because reading blindly without writing is like eating something without biting, and you’ll choke yourself.


Please stop messing around people!

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People calling for a ban on the use of ‘Allah’ by non-Muslims must find their justification in the Quran or in legal enactments.

The attacks against places of worship that ushered recently in Malaysia has really cause a huge turmoil in Malaysia. It seems like there are groups of people that determined to destroy the delicate balance reached through compromise and consensus in a plural society by our ancestors.

I strongly feel that rage and emotional reactions must not take centre stage in the nation. Instead, the government and citizens should focusing on a more calm and reasonable solution regarding this issue. Its true that religion issue is not something easy to deal with. For instance, even the UK government is facing similar problem that sparks the Wootton Bassett issue.

Such sensitive issue is sort of too heavy for me to write my opinion down. But I did came across an article in The Star that I strongly agree with.

We must never allow the mob to rule.

A COUPLE of churches were burnt by people who believe that non-Muslims should not use the name Allah when describing God. A very strange motivation indeed when we look at the scripture.

In Surah 22 Verse 40 of the Quran, it is said: “Had not Allah checked one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure.”

Looks pretty clear to me. There is no scriptural justification to stop non-Muslims from using Allah to describe God. In fact the opposite is true, the name Allah is praised in “monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mos-ques”.

This is not my assertion, this is a quote from the Holy Continue reading ‘Please stop messing around people!’

Why they’re on the run?

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Though I’m not working with UN regarding asylum problems, I do wonder when I saw this graphic from reuters. Look at the number from Malaysia, 231?

I wonder what war, conflict or prosecution these asylum seekers are running from?

Perfume : The Story of a Murderer.

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“Not everyone can be a medical doctor. Someone must be a lawyer or an engineer. Someone has to sweep the streets because if no one wants to do it, then road sweeping will become the highest paying job – more lucrative than being a doctor,”

This is a phrase echoing in my mind during my SPM. Ok. It comes from a friend of mind that was so chill during that tense time. Duh, now she’s studying medic at The States. And me just the same average man. And who says talent is nothing.

Mak called. I know by the time I finished this article, my sis and some 465,000 students are sitting for their SPM paper. Mak was so worried about adek’s exam. She said adek was hoping I could be home to teach her some tips on EST paper I think.

And that made me ponders to my SPM moment. It was in the middle of the exam when we decided to sneak into the canteen and enjoy some movies with the canteen workers. We watched a series of movie, some of them that I could recall were Perfume : The Story of Murderer and much more. I think we even watched sesame street and teletubbies later that morning. Every movies or drama were very interesting that moment. It was such a relief of pressure for me and my mates.

I always believes that every people are destined for something. Parents should realise that everyone not gonna end up holding a scalpel and tearing up the body of an unknown people in the surgery room. During such a high pressure time as public exams, parents should ensure that they support their children rather than pressure them.

That’s why people always said, the burden on one’s shoulder is always heavier than it looks. Ok. It’s a direct translation from a Malay proverb. Sounds funny, but the elder always have a point in everything that they said. I’m not saying that I hope adek should enjoy herself and takes the paper lightly. I know her. She got every potential that she needs to succeed and do better than his big brother. But, she cannot perform well under pressure. I just afraid that by putting more pressure in her, her true potential shall never shine. That’s why I told her to stop thinking to much about the examination. Thinks about how to answer the paper. I told her that that paper shall be a lot of easier that her stack of exercise questions.

Ok. I know it’s too clear that I’m worried. Fuh. I just hope adek got all the bless she needs and answer all the paper brilliantly. U got all my blessings adek! Do well in SPM!

Mak, nk kari ngan asam pedas.

Abah jom p mengail pastu makan ikan bakar fresh tepi tasek. Jgn lupa nk buang mata kail lak. hahaa.

Angah jm p tesco tp sndri belanja ar.Hahahaha.

Adek esok jgn risau along anta kamu pegi exam hall yer. =)

Eman cpt la panggil geng men dota.

Hasniza, nk p taman jubli emas lagi x? Ad ikan bnyk oooo. Kaler emas, oren. Lawaaa!

Baby nk chocolate x? Tp syarat kna ckp along wangi dr angah. gyahahahaha. =D
Ok. Spa cakap guys xhomesick. Huhuhuh.

Damn why i’m so far for home.

Later then.

p/s : Mind the grammar. Too busy working on some data on non-indigenous population in UK. Who got a time machine? Wanna borrow one!

Aku Nekad.

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Jun 2002 – Heboh satu Malaysia kerajaan nk beli kapal selam

Suatu ketika(xingat tarikh) = Menteri Pertahanan baru dilantik. Bajet utk pertahanan negara di naikkan. Dgr2 kalau xsilap bajet utk polis pon naik.

(Pon xingat tarikh) – Krisis Indonesia jadik lagi. Meke mmg dh melampau. Aku text PM Najib,”Bos,nmpk nya depa neh dh lebih. Xkn nk biaq ja kot. arini depa bakaq bendera,sok2 silap2 depa mai bom Malaysia lak. Kang abeh la harapan aku nk bukak business lemang kt depan Aquaria KLCC tuh.” Aku tekan send. Tp cm besa xdak reply pon. Tp aku tetap bersedia.

PELABUHAN KLANG, 3 Sept 2009 – Kapal Selam Malaysia pertama smpai. KD Tunku Abd Rahman di kasik nama. KD Tun Abd Razak dijangka tiba kemudian.

19092009 – Pak sedara gua yg keja navy kt lumut telepon ckp xleh balik. Ad sumthing urgent kna pegi Sabah.

Aku syak sesuatu akan berlaku. Kena lengkap kan diri dgn equipment secukupnya. Pengalaman aku di BTN menyatakan negara kita perlu dipertahankan. aku mesti join jihad kali ini. Seraya dgn kisah sufi2 yg ak belajar masa kelas agama petang2 dulu, aku nekad. Tok guru aku ckp, mati syahid kemfem syurga.Kemfem terus tuh. Jgn memain. Spa xnk. Aku skrg neh slap2 padang mahsyar pon xtentu lepas ke x.

20092009 – Aku dgr org takbir. Riuh rendah sekampung. Adik2 aku xda dalam umah. Ku lihat org2 bertaburan lari kt luar umah.

Dh. Kmfem neh. Dh tiba masa aku berjuang.

Aku trus sambar own-made equipment aku. Meriam buluh, ad. parang,sambar dari stor. Roket di impot dari Thailand. Flare utk emergency.okeh ada. Segala macam bahan letupan yg mampu ak dapat sedia terselit dalam beg.

Aku nekad kali neh. Doakan aku wahai sahabat.

Perjuangan aku kali neh ditemani oleh cousin, kekawan, adik aku. Bapak ak xnk join. Ad ke pulak dia cakap aku nk pegi makan ketupat.

Lagu tema kami. Di nyanyikan oleh usop. vokal oleh awi

Inilah barisan kita,
Yang ikhlas berjuang.
Siap sedia berkorban,
Untuk ibu pertiwi!
Sebelum kita berjaya,
Jangan harap kami pulang!
Inilah sumpah pendekar kita,
Menuju medan bakti!
Andai kata kami gugur semua,
Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
Kami mohon doa,
Malaysia berjaya!
Semboyan telah berbunyi,
Menuju medan bakti!

Hang Tuah is a Kedahan?

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While lingering on Utiub, i found this controversial video regarding Hang Tuah.

Do watch it.